Pests That Might Show Up In Your Home In The Fall

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Most people think of spring as the season when pests run wild. It's true that when the weather warms up and is damp, insects can grow in numbers. However, fall is a prime season for pest invasions as well. At this time of year, outdoor temperatures fall, and pests tend to seek shelter in homes since they are warmer. Here are a few of the pests you might see indoors as autumn approaches.


When fall approaches, queen bees sometimes leave their colonies in search of new places to set up shelter. Unlike many worker bees, who tend to perish when the weather grows cold, queen bees can survive the winter if they find a suitable place to do so. You really don't want your house to be that place. Keep an eye out for bees, especially in your attic. If you do find a small bees' nest, it should be pretty easy to spray now when it's still small. 

Asian Lady Beetles

These small beetles look like ladybugs. They have round, slightly elongated bodies. Unlike ladybugs, however, Asian lady beetles have an orangish body and a white M shape on their heads. (Ladybugs are strictly red.) Asian lady beetles often move into homes in the fall, and they are highly undesirable because they have a nasty odor. If you find them in your home, then vacuum them up and relocate them to the outdoors. Then, figure out how they are getting in. You may have a crack under or next to a door or window or a gap around some water line or electrical line that enters your home. Seal any cracks or crevices with caulk to keep additional lady beetles from entering.

Box Elder Bugs

These bugs have flat, elongated, red-and-black bodies. They do not bite or cause any structural damage, but they can be pretty annoying because they tend to appear in droves. If you find them inside your home, just vacuum or sweep them up and take them outside. As with lady beetles, making sure your house is crack-free will keep them away.

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are especially fond of warmth and will often move into homes for the first time in the fall. They can hitch a ride on items you've kept outside, such as patio furniture or a grill cover. Make sure you spray these items down with soap and water before bringing them inside. If you do see any roaches, contact a pest control company, such as AAA Pest Pros, ASAP. These bugs reproduce quickly, so they're much easier to eradicate early on.