Own A Home? Know These Three Things About Termites

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With your home being such a large investment, you definitely do not want it to become damaged by termites. Here are three things to know about these pests so they do not cause damage to your home.

Termites Are Attracted To Damp Homes

While it is true that some types of termites are capable of living with little to no moisture, the dampwood termites thrive on moisture. Much like their name implies, dampwood termites love damp wood. They are often found in dead branches that have fallen off trees, but they will make their way to your home if the conditions are right. More specifically, they'll make their home in your basement where structural components made of wood are located.

Your primary concern when trying to prevent a drywood termite infestation is to remove standing water. Seal cracks in the foundation, replace leaking windows, and seal basement doors so that moisture is not allowed in when the door is closed. You can also run a dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the basement, making it as dry as possible. You should also inspect the plumbing for leaking pipes that can create pools of water.

Termites Love Organic Debris

You need to take steps to remove organic debris from around your home, which practically beg for pests to come right to you. If you use firewood, keep it at the back of your property rather than right next to your home. Remove leaves that have collected next to the house, and rake up twigs, tree bark, and even grass clippings that have collected on the ground. That pile of dead grass has trapped moisture underneath it, which make it attractive to termites. If you take away the food supply of the termites, you'll be taking a big step to keep them away.

Termites Can Dig Underground

You can still have a termite problem if you do not see visible signs of them. Subterranean termites will dig tunnels underground to reach your home. Their teeth can chew right through wood, which will allow them to get into your home. You'll need the help of an exterminator to get rid of these types of termites, which involves locating the tunnels eliminate the nests. You'll also need to replace wooden parts of your home with concrete or steel to form a better barrier against these pests.

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