Enjoy Being Outside Again: How To Control Mosquitoes In Your Yard

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Mosquitoes are a great way to end your family outing early. That buzzing around your ears, eyes, and entire body, plus all of the swatting and itchy bumps that inevitably occur as an allergic reaction to the sting of these pests will send you running back inside. If your outdoor activities are being hindered by mosquitoes, it's time to take your yard back. Read on for mosquito control tips.

Plant Lavender

Lavender plants can help repel mosquitoes and keep them at bay. Plant them near your patio or in planters around your deck. These plants are very beautiful and can add appeal to your yard while also repelling mosquitoes. In addition to lavender, citronella, marigolds, and rosemary can also be helpful in repelling mosquitoes.

Empty Standing Water

Standing water in containers and other outdoor objects can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breed in water, so if you have standing water, chances are you will probably have a lot of mosquitoes. If you have a pond, add a filter, fountain, or bubbling feature to the pond to keep the water moving. 

Be sure to empty containers like watering cans and other objects that have standing water. Also be sure to clear out gutters that might also be holding water. Low-lying areas in your yard may also hold water, so fill in these areas with dirt.

Tend To Your Yard

Keep control of your yard by mowing it often to prevent the grass from getting too long where mosquitoes may be more prevalent. Also trim along the edges, around trees, and other areas in your yard. Also, be sure to clear out brush piles and wood piles that may be too close to your patio or other recreation areas. Brush piles and wood piles can be home to other pests as well, so clean them up or move them to the outer reaches of your property.

Spray A Pesticide

There are foggers on the market that can be used to kill mosquitoes in your yard. These types of pesticides can be found at your local hardware store. If mosquitoes are too bad in your yard, you may need to call a professional pest control company to have your yard sprayed with a commercial pesticide.

If you have a mosquito problem that you simply cannot control, call a professional pest control company for help so you can enjoy the outdoors again.