5 Warning Signs You Have Mice In Your Home

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One thing you'll want to avoid dealing with is having mice in your living area. These can be pesky rodents that invade your home. It's not healthy to live with these pests inside your property. It's ideal to know some of the top warning signs that can alert you to this problem.

Warning sign #1: Droppings

One of the first things you may notice is droppings on the floor or in other parts of your home. Mice will typically leave these throughout the day, and this is a sure sign you may have a severe problem.

Warning sign #2: Strange noises

Do you often wake up and hear strange sounds during the middle of the night? These may be the sound of mice scampering around in your home, and it's ideal to check this out to see what's causing this noise.

Warning sign #3: Gnawed holes

It's possible you could see spots on your property that is an immediate indication that you have an issue with pests. For instance, one top thing is seeing gnawed holes in the walls or in the flooring area.

Keep in mind there is a reason these occurred in your home, and you'll want to find out the cause of these as quickly as possible. The last thing you'll want to endure is more damage to your property by letting this situation go.

Warning sign #4: Nests

Mice can leave nests in your home in a variety of places. It's ideal to do a walk through from time-to-time to see if there are any of these suddenly spotted.

Of course, the size of the nests could be an indication of how many mice there may be living on your property. It's important to take action quickly if you see this sign.

Warning sign #5: Unusual pet behavior

Does your cat or dog suddenly act oddly? This could be due to seeing rodents around the home because doing so could scare your animals and cause them to behave oddly.

Knowing the things that could indicate you have mice is the first step in working to resolve this problem. It's important to do the right things to help you eliminate these rodents, and you'll want to be proactive, as well. Be sure to work closely with a residential mouse inspection and control company in your area to assist in resolving this issue today to allow for a healthier living environment tomorrow!