Avoid Bed Bug Infestations During Travel: Here's How

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Traveling can be stressful in its own right, but insect infestations can turn a stressful trip into a nightmare. If you're traveling for work and staying in hotels or motels, bed bugs could be a real concern. To avoid bites and further trouble, you'll need these bug protection suggestions.

Assess the Room

Many people sit on a chair or recline in the bed just as soon as they open the door to their hotel room. However, because bed bugs can be common in public spaces, you've got another job to handle first. A quick assessment and inspection can reveal whether you can even stay in the room at all.

The very name of these bugs gives you a clue about where they're often located. Before sitting on that big bed, pull back the covers and look for any brown or reddish dots. If you find them, look closer to determine whether they are bugs. Even better, pull up the fitted sheet to show the mattress. The bottom and top corners should receive special attention, as should any creases.

There are a few more places bed bugs can be in a typical hotel room. The creases of upholstered recliners and couches should also be inspected. Some bed bugs could reside in the carpet, too.

If you clearly observe tiny bugs, notify the desk immediately. They should provide an alternate accommodation, but insist that you be put on the complete other side of the building; over time, bugs can travel to nearby rooms. Once in your new room, conduct another inspection.

Wrap Suitcases and Use Garment Bags

Unpacking your clothing can put you at risk for taking a few bed bugs home at the end of the trip. For protection, keep any clothes in the closet completely covered with garment bags that you always keep closed. Use plastic wrap, large trash bags, or plastic gift bags to wrap up the luggage itself.

Steam or Wash Everything at Home

At the end of your trip, your relief to be back in your home can make you feel that all possible bug risk is gone. But if some of those pests followed you home and you mix your trip clothing with other laundry or set your luggage on your sofa, that's a problem. Instead, make a beeline for the washer when you get home. Wash trip clothes by themselves in very hot water. If you don't have the energy or have delicate items, leave everything near the door or in the car or enclose all clothing in garment or trash bags. You can then transport them to a professional cleaning company that will steam them thoroughly.

If you're suspicious about whether you've brought bugs home or have seen some in your suitcase or anywhere else, contact pest control professionals like Arab Termite and Pest Control. Let them handle the insects before they become a house-wide problem.