Winter Pest Control Tips

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Winter is cold for you, which can send you looking for warmth and shelter inside your home. Pests are also cold and looking to do the same thing. Prevent them from coming to your house for warmth by following the tips below.

Clean Up Your Yard

Keep your garbage in bags that are tied securely and placed in cans with lids. Also keep the cans away from your home. Don't keep your garbage in your garage or right next to your house to prevent any pests that could be digging inside the garbage from taking a closer look at your house. Clean up any brush in your yard, and keep firewood piles further away from your house. If you have a compost pile, place this pile in a compost bin and make sure there is a lid securely in place.

Place Pet Food, Bird Seed Or Fertilizer In Airtight Containers

If you have these items in your garage, be sure to place them in airtight containers. Rodents, ants, or roaches may be looking for food and could get into bags of these items. Keep them in airtight containers to prevent these pests from sniffing out this food and getting a free meal.

Repair Door And Window Seals

Pests such as insects can easily get into small crevices and spaces. Make repairs to these areas to prevent pests from getting inside. If you have gaps in your door or window seals, this makes for a nice area for these pests or for rodents to get inside. Rodents only need a small opening to get into your house. If they can fit their head inside, their body will also fit. Repair door and window seals, and seal around pipes or wiring that come into your home.

Watch For Signs Of Pests

Keep an eye out for signs of pests inside your home. If you spot mouse droppings on your counter, inside your pantry, or on your stove top, start setting traps in these areas. Use peanut butter, cheese, or poisonous bait as bait for your traps. Replace the traps and set them with fresh bait after you catch anything. Look in your crawl space or in the corners of your home for ants, dead roaches, or other signs of pests.

If you have pests in your home this winter (or any season of the year), call a professional pest control service for help to give those pests the boot.