Prevent Commercial Building Damage And Employee Illnesses By Hiring A Licensed Pigeon Pest Control Professional

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Birds are adorable to look at in flight, when they are taking sunbaths or when they can be heard chirping sweet songs from trees in people's yard space. There's nothing adorable though when colorful pigeons are nesting in commercial buildings. Roof corners and rain gutters of your office buildings are their favorite nesting areas. They absolutely love living on warehouse rooftops, It's important for you to have pigeons removed from your building rather than allowing them to settle into nesting anywhere in your building. Hire a licensed commercial pest control technician to handle removal of these birds.

Why It Is Important To Have Pigeons Removed

You can be held responsible if your commercial building harbors pigeons. Their feces droppings are a danger to employees. The droppings are known to be unhealthy and can cause humans to become sick with serious illnesses such as salmonella poisoning, West Nile virus and streptococci.

Examine Your Commercial Buildings For Pigeon Nests

If you notice flocks of pigeons flying in formation and descending upon your building, chances are they already have built nests on top of the building. If your building is close to restaurants and other food sites, the birds will use your rooftop for nesting purposes and fly out in search of food that's readily available in dumpsters and restaurant trash containers. When your building space has an unsealed water tank, pigeons discover the tank and obtain the water they need. They also build nests near water tanks.

If you are thinking that your building is too high for pigeons to nest in, you are wrong. There's not a place they like better to nest in than an elevated building. They feel safe from other birds of prey in such buildings. So they nest on building ledges by entering buildings that have broken windows and where vents are missing or loose. Be aware that pigeons can even build nests under solar panels. You'll recognize their nests because they are mainly built with twigs. The twigs they use are flammable. Do not take lightly the destruction that pigeon infestations can create. They are also capable of blocking ventilation ducts when they get tangled up into building machinery, and this situation can cause a fire to erupt.

Hire A Licensed Pigeon Pest Control Professional

Considering the danger pigeons present with serious health risks, you should take steps to completely eradicate pigeons nesting in your building by seeking the services of an experienced pest control professional to handle this job. Save lives and your property from financial loss by routing out these pests.