Removing Mice From The Home: Important Control Measures You Should Take

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Living with mice is certainly not ideal, but it may be the situation you are currently dealing with in your home. Unfortunately, mice tend to find their way inside homes all across the country. Even if you clean regularly, it is still possible for mice to find their way into your home and get into some of your foods, such as packaged and boxed goods that you may have in a cupboard. Living with mice is never a good idea because of the risks associated with them. Mice can quickly spread diseases throughout a home. A mouse does not have to come in direct contact with you to cause a disease to spread, which is even more frightening.

If you want to keep your home clear of mice, looking into pest control options is the best thing for you to do. If you are not taking control of the mouse population in your home, they will continue to reproduce, and then the problem will get worse for you. There are several control options that may be feasible for your home.

Look For Entry Points

The mice could be entering your home through a number of entry points. Some of these points could include the small space underneath your front door or back door, a small hole in the wall or a small hole on the side of the building. Because they are small animals, they can easily fit themselves into even the tiniest of holes, so be on the lookout for any openings that you think a mouse would be able to fit through in your home. If you find certain entry points that you are concerned about, seal them up. If it is the front door, you could use a door blocker that would prevent these pests from coming right inside the home. If you have holes, fill them up and seal them so they are no longer open for the mice to get back and forth.

Use Sticky Traps

Sticky traps are cheap yet still very effective at helping to capture mice and keep them in one spot until you are able to dispose of them. If you happen to see a mouse in a certain area of the home, stick a trap down in that spot with a bit of cereal or peanut butter. The mouse would likely want to get to the cereal or peanut butter, but would end up on the trap instead. Once the mouse is caught, you can place it into a container or bag and dispose of it properly. Not everyone likes to deal with the sticky traps. If you are fearful of mice in general, you may want to skip this option. However, if you are not afraid of the mice, this could be a way to help control the population of mice living in your home.

Talk With a Pest Control Pro About Your Options

Even after sealing some entry points and using sticky traps, it may not be possible for you to completely get rid of the mice until you get professional help. Why do the dirty work when there are pest control professionals who know exactly what steps to take to get rid of these mice? A pest control pro may choose to use several products to achieve maximum results. These products may include mouse poison and different types of traps that are set with bait to attract the mice before trapping them. The professional could provide some recommendations so that you know how to avoid dealing with these creatures in your home.

Living with mice is unsanitary. If you do not want them around because they spread disease and get into everything, start taking control measures immediately. You can put a stop to the spread of mice living in your home. Although it may not happen overnight, it may be possible to completely remove them from the home by using the right combination of pest control options.