3 Mistakes People Make When It Comes To Pest Control

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Keeping your house bug free takes a lot of work. Too many people want to have a bug free home, but they make mistakes that end up costing them, and actually make it worse for them to keep their home bug free. Here are some mistakes to avoid.

1. Only Spraying Once A Year

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is getting the treatment done only after you notice the problem. Too many people see a spider or bug infestation in their home and call pest control, then forget about it for the rest of the year. The problem is if you wait until you notice the bugs, they have already nested in your house, making it incredibly hard to fully get rid of them.

Ideally you should be having the treatments done every couple of months. This will insure that the bugs never nest or lay eggs in the house. In fact, the treatment that is done in the spring is one of the most important treatments of the year, since this is the time when the bugs are actually coming in to the house and laying their eggs. So always get treatments in every season.

2. Only Treating The House

Another mistake that people make is only treating the inside of the house. Naturally the inside is where you want a bug free environment, but if you don't treat the outdoors the bugs will only come into the house. Even more than your house, the bugs will breed in the yard since it is great weather and nutrient rich environment. Thus, if you don't spray the grass and around the outside of your house, you can pretty much guarantee that the bugs will be inside your house in no time.

3. Having Treatments Done On Wet Days

Lastly, you should never have the pest control company come on a day that is wet and rainy. Although the active agent may still work, it will not be nearly as effective as if it is done on a dry day. If they come and try to spray on that day, ask them to come back another time. In addition, if they spray your house and yard and then later than day it rains, you should call them and ask them to come back. You usually get free treatments between scheduled ones, so there is no reason to not have them come back again just to be safe.

By doing these things you can prevent bugs from ever nesting in your home. For more information, contact a business such as E & R Exterminating Company, Inc.