Three Tips For Fighting Pests

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Dealing with pests in your home is something that is not a pleasant experience. Some of the worst pests to get in your home are roaches and bed bugs. Luckily, there are some things you can do that will help you to decrease your chances of getting an infestation of both of these types of pests. Here are a few ways to prevent both roaches and bed bugs from getting comfortable in your home.

 Be careful bringing used items in the house

If you like to go to yard sales and estate sales then you know you can get some great deals. You can find everything from clothing and kitchen ware to furniture and electronics. A lot of the bargain items you may be so happy about can actually bring big trouble into your home. These pests can hide in the smallest folds or crevices of many items. Once in your home, they can begin breeding and moving about the house. Before you know it, you can be dealing with a huge problem that's out of control.

When you buy used items you want to completely check them for bugs before they are brought into your house or even into your garage. Make sure you check everything out in good daylight and don't be afraid to even use a magnifying glass so you know you'll spot those very small bed bugs and/or roaches doing their best to hide from you.

Clean your home regularly

If you have a hectic schedule and you aren't able to do things like vacuum your floors, mop your floors, wipe down your counters and even vacuum your furniture often then you want to see about hiring someone else to do these things for you. Keeping your home as clean as possible will be your number one defense in preventing an infestation.

Vacuuming and mopping will help ensure that any eggs or even small bugs that are on the floors get removed before they cause a bigger issue. Roaches tend to love counters where they can usually count on crumbs to feed them and this is why they should be wiped down frequently.

Call out a pest control company at the first sign of trouble

If you spot pests in your home, especially pests known to reproduce in large numbers like bed bugs and roaches, then the best thing you can do is to call out the professionals right away and put an end to your issue. The sooner you call for residential pest extermination, the less risk you have of an infestation spreading.