Plants You Can Use To Keep Pests Out Of Your Yard

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If you have a hard time keeping pests out of your yard, you can help to cut down on the amount by planting plants and herbs they don't usually like. By using plants as a weapon against the pests in your yard, you can give it a more colorful look, have easy access to herbs for recipes and protect the area without turning to poisons and other harsh chemicals. To learn what plants you can use to deter pests, read the information below:

Basil: Basil is good for helping to keep flies and mosquitoes out of the area where it is planted. Along with growing it in your yard, it is also great to have near the entryways and in your kitchen. Another great thing about going with basil is you can cut off a bit to use in dishes that call for basil.

Peppermint: Peppermint grows well in shady, moist environments. This makes it a good choice for those areas in your yard where other plants may not do so well. It's also great for repelling such pests as aphids, white flies, flea beetles and cabbage loopers.  Peppermint lets off a nice menthol scent and blooms pretty, white flowers.

Lemon Thyme: Lemon thyme is an herb that's easy to grow in a variety of climates as long as they have a good period of time in the sunlight. It is also good for repelling mosquitoes. One thing you need to be aware of is that the plant will not work to keep mosquitoes at bay unless the leaves are a little damaged. This is when they let off a chemical mosquitoes don't like. To slightly damage the leaves, just squeeze them in your hands.  You should wear gloves so you know the chemical won't irritate your own skin.

Tansy: The tansy is a hardy flowering plant that does well in many climates. It blooms bright yellow flowers. It will also repel pests such as ants, flies, a variety of beetles, cut worms and squash bugs. The plant can get tall, making it a good choice for areas where you want to add some height to the landscaping.

Lavender: Lavender repels mosquitoes, fleas, moths and flies. Planting lavender along your walkways will keep pests from attacking visitors and it also gives off a welcoming scent. You can clip the lavender and use it around your house to keep pests out and as a nice air freshener.

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