5 Things NOT to Do to Prevent from Bringing Bed Bugs Into Your Home

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It is no longer a secret that many hotels face bed bug issues, but what a lot of people do not know is just how prevalent the bed bug population is in homes and other places of business. You may think that if you rarely travel, it is highly unlikely that you will ever find a bed bug trying to cozy up with you while you sleep. However, at least one in every five people you meet has had an experience with bed bugs, a lot of those people in their own homes and there is nothing saying that you could not become a statistic. If you really want to keep your home bed bug free, there are five things you should never do.

1. Buy Used Furniture without Thoroughly Investigating - Many people who end up with an all-out infestation have purchased an infested piece of used furniture unwittingly. Never buy used furniture from anyone without first inspecting it for signs of bugs. Be especially careful with used sofas and mattresses, or anything wooden as bed bugs will also nest in small cracks in wooden pieces.

2. Allow Someone Who Has Bed Bugs to Sleep Over - If you know someone who has had bed bugs in the past, do not feel rude if you do not allow them to sleep over in your home for  a while. These pests can and will latch onto clothing and hide in overnight bags.

3. Accept Bedding From People - Whether it is your kind next door neighbor, your best friend, or your close relative, be careful about accepting used bedding from anyone. If you do want something that someone has to offer, take it straight to the dry cleaners and have it cleaned and dried before taking it home.

4. Not Educate Yourself and All Family Members - The easiest way to end up with bed bugs is to have a houseful of people who have no idea that these pests exist or what they look like. Familiarize yourself and your children with what bed bugs look like at all parts of their life cycle, learn their hiding places, and get to know their habits.

5. Travel without Caution - If you do travel, whether or not you stay in a hotel, make sure you take caution when you pack up your things and come back home. Never leave your luggage vulnerable on the floor of a strange place. Instead, store it on a shelf or surface and keep it closed. Further, always check out the bed bug reports in any area where you plan to travel.

The fact is, bed bugs are very easy to bring into your home no matter where you live or how often you travel. Talk to an exterminator if you suspect that you could be exposed or if you just want professional advice about how to further avoid a problem. 

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