How To Keep Bugs From Taking Over Your Home

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When you think about destructive house pests, rodents or termites may come to mind. However, there are some other bugs that damage your belongings too. Bugs can infest your pantry and ruin food that's stored in paper or cardboard containers. Other pests chew on paper and damage important documents, while some bugs prefer dining on natural fabrics and chew holes in upholstery and clothing. There are so many different bugs that can invade your home given the ideal conditions. Things bugs tend to like are dampness, shelter, and food. Here are some tips for keeping all kinds of bugs out of your house.

Get Regular Pest Control Service

When you get regular pest control treatments, the insecticide kills a variety of bugs. Pest control services help keep your home free from common roaches and ants as well as more exotic bugs like earwigs and silverfish. Also, when you control bugs, it removes a food source for other bugs. When roaches or ants get out of control, spiders move in to take advantage of the easy food supply.

You may only need a pest control treatment once a quarter depending on the weather and the land around your house. However, in addition to scheduled treatments for prevention, you may need additional treatments for termites, bed bugs, and mosquitoes since these require special methods of eradication.

Keep Your House Dry

One of the most important steps you can take to prevent a bug infestation is to keep your home dry and fix water leaks as soon as they happen. If you have a pipe dripping under your sink, the wood will stay damp and eventually rot. This creates the ideal living conditions for a variety of bugs.

In fact, if you suddenly see an uptick in the number of bugs in your kitchen, you should examine the sink area for a leak since the two things often go together. Check for leaks in your attic due to a roof leak, the basement due to a hot water heater leak or just dampness due to humidity, and any room that has a water pipe such as the laundry room and bathrooms.

Seal The Entrances To Your Home

Your pest control company may help you seal your home or at least offer advice on places to look for gaps. Sealing your home keeps out rodents as well as bugs as tiny as mosquitoes. Check the doors, windows, vents, and pipes that come through the walls for tiny gaps and seal them with caulk so bugs can't get inside.

It also helps if you keep your home free from clutter, but keep in mind that bugs and rodents can infest a clean home too. Regular pest control and preventive measures used together is the best combination for keeping pests out of your home and protecting your belongings.