Sweet Plants: Are Your Indoor Plants Attracting Ants?

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If ants show up everywhere in your sparkling clean home, you may wonder what you can do to get them out. No matter how clean or well-kept a home is, ants can invade it if the pests find something to eat. One of the things that attract ants is the honeydew sap on your house plants. Here's more information about honeydew sap and how it forms and attracts ants.

What's Honeydew Sap And Why Do Ants Like It?

Some plants, trees, and flowers produce a sweet, sticky substance called honeydew sap whenever aphids and several other insects feed on them. The sap forms on various parts of the plants, including the stem and leaves. The sap attracts some of the peskiest pests in nature, including ants. Ants usually stay outside the house. But if your indoor plants encounter aphids and produce honeydew sap, ants will enter your dwelling to feed.

Ants can leave the plants and invade other areas of the home for food and water, including your kitchen. Although ants can obtain what they need from the plants' honeydew sap, the insects can search for more. Ants can also crawl to your cupboards and cabinets for food if they sense it. 

You can overcome all of the issues mentioned above with the right information.

How Do You Eliminate Your Pest Problem?

First, check your plants for honeydew sap. The leaves and stems will have a sticky, clear substance on them. Examine the plants' branches for sap as well. You might see aphids or another insect feeding on the plants during your inspection. You can remove the insects and sap with a spray bottle of water. If the plants were outside the home, you could use a water hose.

Wipe down every area around the plants, including the surfaces of the planters and tables. Place ant baits near the planters, beneath your kitchen sink, and any other location you found ants. Also, monitor your plants for the insects that make honeydew sap develop. If you find signs of aphids, consult with a pest control company, like BUG Busters-Do IT Yourself Pest Control, right away to avoid problems in the future. Be sure to avoid using insecticide on your plants. The chemicals might harm them over time. 

If you find that you can't remove the sap or control the ants with the tips above, contact pest control services for help. The contractors may have a better solution for your problem.